Red Velvet Chicken And Waffles Are Good But. . . (BQE Restaurant & Lounge ATL)

Red Velvet Chicken And Waffles (BQE Restaurant & Lounge ATL)

Red Velvet Chicken And Waffles






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Location: 262 Edgewood Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Hours: Around 3pm for their brunch.

Phone Number: 404-996-6159


This places hours can be quite complicated, but from what I understand, they usually have this exact food item during their brunch hours, that tend to end around 3pm.

Anyone who hears red-velvet waffles is willing to look past that, as they truly do live up to their hype as some damn good waffles with some type of IHOP relatable strawberry syrup and icing.

Red Velvet Chicken And Waffles (BQE Restaurant & Lounge ATL)

Don’t get it twisted though, these waffles are much higher quality than IHOP, as are the chicken wings and eggs that come with it.

While this meal is very good in taste and quality, the main complaint comes in when you have to pay over $12, for a lackluster serving size.

Sure the meal will fill you up, but only for the next hour and a half or so, when you crave more food.

Bottom Line: The serving size is just not worth the price, as I could easily order two of these meals, yet never would because that would be improper spending.

My Advice: Try these red velvet chicken and waffles, but be prepared for what seems like over pricing something that isn’t the best serving size