Un La Lancha Is The Food You Haven’t Loved Yet (Taqueria On Broad St) ATL

Un La Lancha Is The Food You Haven't Loved Yet (Taqueria On Broad St) ATL

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Location: Taqueria On Broad. 54 Broad St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

Hours: Mon-Fri. 11am-6pm, Sat and Sun CLOSED.

Phone Number: 678-732-0693


Taqueria On Broad, is located right by Georgia State campus, as it is one of the newer and better food locations added to the Broad Street eateries.

A La Lancha is basically a bread bowl filled with a meat of your choice (I usually get the pulled chicken Tinga). The bread bowl is filled with tasty potatoes, onions, lettuce and tomatoes. To top off the bread bowl, there is a nice layer of queso that covers the ingredients.

TIPS: Do not get this item to go, unless you are going to eat it right away. The cheese will dry quickly if you order for take out and it will not be nearly as tasty as if you were to eat in house.

You can eat out of the La Lancha or cut into it (pictured above) as it is an exceptionally filling serving size. The entire thing is only a few bucks, and after ordering it twice, I have never finished it in one seating.

While there are multiple meat option for the La Lancha, I have gotten chicken Tinga (pulled chicken) twice, and it has been very good, both times.

Side Note: If you like a lot of sauce to dip with( like me), ask for some of the white sauce that comes on the La Lancha, on the side.

Overall, the La Lancha is a great food item, as it is one of the best Mexican food items you have probably yet to try.

Taste it out!