About ATLFoodGuy

Hi! My Name Is Matt, And I Am The Atlanta Food Guy.

I reside in Atlanta, Georgia, and it is my mission for YOU, to enjoy and experience all of the delicious foods, I have enjoyed over my time here.
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Anyway. . . (for those of you who don’t mind a little reading) the idea for this site arose after years of people telling and asking me how much I eat out, and how good my food looks (after I always posted my meals on Snapchat).


It is because of those people, that I am dedicating a site for you (the Atlanta native or visitor), a home plate of where and what to eat in Atlanta (or for those who just like good food).
Since I am the complete opposite of picky, on this site you will find a variety, of food, drinks, and desserts that are certain to give you the meal you want in and around the ATL.

So enjoy, try not too get too hungry (especially if you are browsing at 2 in the morning) and know that this site will always give the upmost honest and passionate reviews about the food enjoyed!
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